Sunday, 10 October 2010


1959 The curly-banged, heavy-lidded original 
1962 The Jackie Kennedy bubble bouffant
1964 A sun-kissed model with frosted lips

1965 Four years before the moon landing, Miss Astronaut goes into space.

1969 Bright pink lips and a flip
1965 Barbie's take on the swinging-'60s bob
1970 A sparkling, abbreviated hemline for Maxi N Mini Fashion Barbie

1977 Barbie's first set of lowlights

1980 Hispanic Barbie    
1980 The first black Barbie had an Afro.
1981 A golden goddess with curlable hair

1986 Huge Cyndi Lauper frizz and purple shadow
1992 Totally Hair Barbie, with hair to her calves
1998 A G-rated rebel with streakable hair
2000 The Gwyneth-inspired Jewel Barbie
1999 Mall-rat bangs for a teenage Barbie
2002 Striped highlights and major mascara 
2004 Layered hair and collagen in her lips?
2004 Pre-Hillary, Barbie taps the political power of a pantsuit  

2005 A red-haired Barbie—with retro-Cher hair
2008 Ruby gloss and party-strength mascara
2008 Taking wardrobe tips from Dancing With the Stars
2008 A rocker with two-tone hair and lip liner
2009 On the eve of her 50th—with a brow lift?

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  1. Original and awesome blog ! nice vintage pics !
    (dan') from France


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