Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman began her existence as a special addition to the December-January, 1941 issue of All Star Comics. In the nine page center spread, the origin of Wonder Woman was told, which luckily was recieved well, leading the way for a comic book that would feature the Amazon Princess.January 1942 saw Wonder Woman in Sensation Comics number one, with a full version of her origin and her first adventure. By Summer 1942, Wonder Woman was a comic book unto itself, and is the only comic book featuring a woman to have been published without fail for fifty-five years.Wonder Woman was aided by the Holliday Girls, lead by the sweet addicted Etta Candy, who were a sorority that would help Wonder Woman in a time of emergency, or vice versa. Etta was the only member of the Holliday Girls who stood out, with her less than svelte body and propensity of saying 'Woo-woo' all the time. Amazingly enough, Etta was the only other character than Steve and Diana herself who has managed to exist for the full run of the title.During this same early period, Wonder Woman joined the Justice Society as its first female member. The Justice Society was the first super-team, featured in All Star Comics, and times being what they were, Wonder Woman, who was the strongest among them, was the secretary of the JSA.
From her inception, Wonder Woman was not out to just stop criminals, but to reform them. On a small island off Paradise Island was Transformation Island, a rehabilitation complex created by the Amazons to house and reform criminals.Armed with her bulletproof bracelets, magic lasso, and her amazonian training, Princess Diana was the archetype of the perfect woman from the mind of her creator, William Moulton Marston. She was beautiful, intelligent, strong, but still possessed a soft side. At that time, her powers came from 'Amazon Concentration,' not as a gift from the gods.Wonder Woman's magic lasso was supposedly forged from the Magic Girdle of Aphrodite, which Queen Hippolyta(Wonder Woman's) mother was bequeathed by the Goddess. Hephastateus borrowed the belt, removed links from it, and that is where the magic lasso came from. It was unbreakeable, infinitely stretchable, and could make all who are encircled in it tell the truth.
In 1947, William Moulton Marston died, leaving Wonder Woman to be written by Robert Kanigher. While H.G. Peter still illustrated the stories, the book lost a bit of its former luster, with Wonder Woman becoming less of a feminist and more of an American heroine..

Lynda Carter
televion series
The New Adventures of Wonder Woman (1975-79).

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